"a Wiertz Museum, and with the leer of a study by Van Beers"
The Premature Burial by Antoine Wiertz, 1854
Public DomainThe Premature Burial by Antoine Wiertz, 1854
The Antoine Wiertz Museum is an art museum in the Leopold district of Brussels. When it opened in the nineteenth century, it evoked mixed feelings in its visitors, who were frequently shocked by the macabre nature of its paintings. It was named after the artist Antoine Wiertz, who was famed for his grotesque works.

Jan van Beers (1852-1927) was a Belgian painter and the son of a poet of the same name. His poised studies often have a sardonic edge, suggesting that there is more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye. 


Peter Benoit
Public DomainPeter Benoit - Credit: Jan van Beers