"Verbeckhoven 'Study of Sheep,'"
Self Portrait Eugene Verboeckhoven 1854
Public DomainSelf Portrait Eugene Verboeckhoven 1854 - Credit: Eugene Verboeckhoven

Eugène Joseph Verboeckhoven was a Belgian painter, born in 1790.  He was the son of sculptor Barthélemy Verboeckhoven, who encouraged his son’s artistic career and provided him with exacting training in the anatomy of animals. 

The younger Verboeckhoven devoted himself almost exclusively to animal subjects.  He painted sheep, horses and cattle in landscapes.  His realistic and finely wrought style was very popular among collectors in the United States, England and Germany.  He died in Brussels in 1881, leaving behind an enormous body of work. 


Sheep In A Meadow 1865
Public DomainSheep In A Meadow 1865 - Credit: Eugène Verboeckhoven