"she hovered Cassandra-like before him"
Public DomainCassandra - Credit: Evelyn de Morgan

Cassandra is a tragic figure of Greek mythology. She was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. It is said that she was intelligent, kind, gentle and desirable. It was also said that she was insane. She was beautiful enough for comparisons to be made between her and Helen of Troy and Aphrodite. Unfortunately she was beautiful enough to be noticed by the gods, and Apollo fell in love with her. As a gift he granted her prophetic powers.

When she did not return his love, he cursed her. She retained her ability to predict the future but no one would believe her. She remained powerless to help when she predicted the fall of Troy and the use of the Trojan Horse. She had to witness the body of her brother, Helenus being carried back from the battle. This tragic story inspired ABBA’s 1982 song, “Cassandra”.