"the first chords of the Spohr symphony"
Louis Spohr self-portrait
Public DomainLouis Spohr self-portrait - Credit: Louis Spohr
Plaque commemorating Spohr's birthplace
GNU Free Documentation LicensePlaque commemorating Spohr's birthplace - Credit: Brunswyk

 Louis Spohr (1784-1859), sometimes known as Ludwig Spohr, was a prolific German composer, conductor and violinist. He produced a very varied body of work including concertos, operatic overtures, oratorios, and 10 symphonies, one of which was unfinished. He was married to the harpist Dorothea (Dorette) Scheidler and wrote several pieces for the harp and violin.

Although extremely well known during his lifetime, Spohr's music is not often performed today. There was, however, a resurgence of interest in his work during the late 20th century.


It is unclear which of his symphonies is referred to here by Edith Wharton.

Listen here to part of Spohr's Symphony No. 1