"a many-peaked and cross-beamed cottage-orné"
Cottage-orné architecture in Dorset, England
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCottage-orné architecture in Dorset, England - Credit: Chris Downer

The cottage-orné was an architectural style which was part of the Picturesque Movement. It developed in Britain during the late 18th and early 19th century, and later became popular in Europe and America.

Generally, the cottage-orné was a small house built in an artificial countrified manner (often using cob, thatch and wood) designed to convey the impression of idyllic rural domesticity. Buildings of the cottage-orné type were often constructed in the grounds of country estates and used as  summer-houses by the wealthy occupants of the main house.

Cottage-orné architecture in Nebraska, U.S.A.
Public DomainCottage-orné architecture in Nebraska, U.S.A. - Credit: Ammodramus
Cottage-orné architecture in Alabama, U.S.A
Public DomainCottage-orné architecture in Alabama, U.S.A - Credit: Altairisfar

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