"rosewood 'Bonheur du Jour'"
English bonheur du jour
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEnglish bonheur du jour - Credit: Shakko
French bonheur du jour
Public DomainFrench bonheur du jour - Credit: Jean-Henri Riesener; photo: Jebulon

A bonheur du jour (lit: 'daytime delight') is a piece of furniture which is a cross between a writing desk and a dressing table. It was introduced in France in 1760 and developed specifically with ladies in mind. In terms of design, bonheurs du jour range from the highly ornate to the elegantly unadorned.

Rosewood is a strong, brownish-coloured wood taken from trees of the genus Dalbergia. Its name derives from the fact that it has a powerful, sweet, enduring perfume.


Chinese bonheur du jour
Public DomainChinese bonheur du jour - Credit: Haa900