"Mr Luther Burbank’s far-off prodigies"
Luther Burbank, American horticulturist
Public DomainLuther Burbank, American horticulturist - Credit: Fred Hartsook

Luther Burbank (1849 –1926) was an American botanist and horticulturalist.  Through experimentation and cross-breeding, he pioneered the development of over 800 new strains and varieties of plants.  His creations include fruit and vegetables, flowers, grains and grasses.  His first major success was theBurbank potato. This was developed into the Russet Burbank potato, which is now the most widely cultivated potato in theUnited States. 

His most famous plant catalogue, "New Creations in Fruits and Flowers," was published in 1893, and his work was regularly in the news in the early 1900s. His home in Santa Rosais now open to the public as a city park, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens.