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Andalusia, Spain
Sierra de Las Nieves, Andalusia
Creative Commons AttributionSierra de Las Nieves, Andalusia - Credit: BK59, Flickr

  Andalusia is the southernmost, and second-largest, of the Spanish regions known as autonomous communities.   The name stems from the Moorish occupation, when much of what is now Spain and Portugal was named Al-Andalus.   The region’s capital is Seville, and other cities of note include Granada, Ronda, Cadiz, Malaga and Cordoba.  









Creative Commons AttributionAndalusia - Credit: Guijarro85, Flickr

In the era following Columbus’s voyage to the New World, Andalusia enjoyed an economic boom driven by the considerable colonial traffic to the Americas which passed through Andalusian ports.   More recently, however, Andalusia has become one of the poorest parts of Spain, with its economy dominated first by the agricultural sector and then by tourism and construction.