The Alchemist is an inspirational story about self-discovery and following your dreams.

Santiago, a young Spanish shepherd boy, longs to travel the world.   One night he dreams of a fabulous treasure buried in Egypt, and he decides to set out in search of it.   He is advised by a gypsy fortune teller, and by a mysterious man claiming to be the ancient King of Salem, and soon finds himself headed for North Africa.

The young adventurer crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and reaches Tangier, where he is robbed of his money.   But by working hard he earns back enough to join a caravan across the desert.   He meets an Englishman fascinated by the history of alchemy, who introduces him to the subject.   He survives an attack by marauding tribesmen, and falls in love with Fatima, a girl he meets at a desert well.

Finally, he meets the Alchemist, who helps him recognize the signs around him, and better understand the process of spiritual transformation that is at the heart of alchemy.   By the time Santiago reaches the Pyramids, he is prepared for the disappointment of not finding the treasure there – and ready to embrace the revelation that it is be found back at home… and in himself.