"...While the beasts of prey, come from caverns deep, viewed the maid asleep..."
The Little Girl Lost
Public DomainThe Little Girl Lost

Chapter 1 Epigraph

Author: William Blake

Work: 'The Little Girl Lost', Songs of Innocence & Experience


The poem also describes a similar situation to that of the first chapter, "How can Lyca sleep, If her mother weep", where Lyca and Lyra are remarkably similar in name and appearance.

Not to be confused with 'A Little Girl Lost', this poem also appears in Songs of Experience. Blake often partnered his poems and as such this is linked to 'The Little Girl Found'. In this second poem, Lyca's parents meet a lion who directs them on their search - Lyra too is described in this chapter with "a tawny fairness like a lion's" (p. 4).