Page 403. " Each man is in his spectre's power untill the arrival of that hour when his humanity awake... "

Chapter 29 Epigraph

Author: William Blake

Work: 'Man's Spectre', Jerusalem

Page 414. " Farr off th'empyreal heav'n, extended wide in circuit, undetermind square or round, with opal towrs and battlements adorn'd of living saphire... "

Chapter 30 Epigraph

Author: John Milton

Work: Paradise Lost, Book 2, Line 1047-1050

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Page 424. " For empire is no more, and now the lion and wolf shal cease "

Marriage of Heaven & Hell
Public DomainMarriage of Heaven & Hell
Chapter 31 Epigraph

Author: William Blake

Work: 'A Song of Liberty', The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Blake's The Marriage of Heaven & Hell takes the form of familiar texts such as Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost in following a human's exploration of hell and the afterlife. Rather than exploring institutionalised forms of good and evil, Blake in fact purports the repressive nature of institutional religion and strict notions of morality. Here's the Wikipedia article for a bit more information.