"The column hung above the middle of the pentacle"


A pentacle is five-point star figure.  In the book, it is drawn on the floor by magicians and used as a tool for summoning and controlling spirits.  The pentacle is also commonly called the pentagram. Isolated pentagrams have been found on broken fragments of burned clay in Palestine, in layers dating from around 4000 B.C. It was a common sign among the Sumerians around 2700 B.C. 

After the Sumerian time,  the sign appears in Pythagorean mysticism. There it is said to have symbolized the human being. The points represent the head, arms, and legs of the body. The Pythagoreans are believed to have used it when signing their letters to each other around 400 B.C.  The pentacle was the main ideogram in the logotype or official seal of the city of Jerusalem during the period 300-150 B.C.The pentagram has been called the seal of Solomon or Solomon's shield in medieval Jewish mysticism.