"in Parliament to their clubs at St. James's"


Parliament Square
Public DomainParliament Square - Credit: Misterweiss

 Parliament Square is situated outside the northwest end of the Palace of Westminster (also known as Houses of Parliament) in London. It features a large open green area in the middle, with a group of trees to its west. The East side of the square, lying opposite one of the key entrances to the Palace of Westminster, has historically been a common site of protest against government action or inaction.


St. James's Square Panorama
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSt. James's Square Panorama - Credit: David Iliff


St James's is an area of central London in the City of Westminster. It is bounded to the north by Piccadilly, to the west by Green Park, to the south by The Mall and St James's Park and to the east by The Haymarket. Until the Second World War, St James's remained one of the most exclusive residential enclaves in London. Nowadays it is a predominantly commercial area with some of the highest rents in London and, consequently, the world. St James's is also the home of many of the best known gentlemen's clubs in London. The clubs found here are organisations of English high society.