"Yes! And laurel...and St John's Wort"

Creative Commons AttributionLaurel - Credit: Gary Houston
 Laurel is a Mediterranean evergreen tree (Laurus nobilis) having aromatic, simple leaves and small blackish berries. Also called bay, bay laurel, sweet bay. Laurel was the source of the laurel wreath of ancient Greece, and therefore the expression of "resting on one's laurels". In the Bible, the sweet-bay is often an emblem of prosperity and fame. In Christianity, it symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ and the triumph of Humanity thereby.
St John's Wort
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSt John's Wort - Credit: Rasbak

 St John’s Wort refers to any of numerous plants of the genus Hypericum having yellow flowers and transparently dotted leaves; it was traditionally gathered on St John's eve to ward off evil. St John's wort is widely known as a herbal treatment for depression.