"grocers of Croydon"


Croydon Town Hall
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCroydon Town Hall - Credit: Mtiedemann

 Croydon is a major commercial centre in south London; about 15 km south of Charing Cross, it is  located on the natural transport corridor between London and England's south coast. 

Croydon's main shopping street, North End
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCroydon's main shopping street, North End - Credit: Mtiedemann

Croydon expanded during the Middle Ages as a market town and a centre for charcoal production, leather tanning and brewing. A commuter town for the City of London, Croydon was amalgamated into Greater London in 1965. Road traffic is now diverted away from a largely pedestrianised town centre, but its main railway station, East Croydon, is still a major hub within the national railway transport system.