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London, England
London at Sunset
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLondon at Sunset - Credit: David Iliff


London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and the largest city in the European Union. Its history spans nearly 2,000 years, beginning with the arrival of the Romans soon after their invasion of Britain in AD43.

London is one of the world's major business, political and cultural centres. Situated on the banks of the river Thames, it is made up of two ancient cities now joined together: the City of London, know simply as 'the City' – the business and financial heart of the UK – and the City of Westminster, where Parliament and most of the government offices are located. The two cities together make up a region known as Greater London.



Georgian Houses in London
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGeorgian Houses in London - Credit: Iridescenti

Nathaniel lives in Highgate, in his master’s Georgian house. Highgate, in north-west London is an affluent, traditional suburb, noteworthy for its Cemetery and Georgian architecture.

GNU Free Documentation LicenseHampstead - Credit: Panhard

Simon Lovelace - Nathaniel’s object of revenge - lives in Hampstead. Located just across Hampstead Heath from Highgate, the area is one of the most expensive in London, with the highest number of millionaires living within its boundaries.






The Palace of Westminster, holding the House of Commons and the House of Lords, is the home of the British Parliament. The Palace, and especially its Clock Tower, is one of the most recognisable icons of the United Kingdom.


Palace of Westminster at night
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePalace of Westminster at night - Credit: Andrew Dunn


The Tower of London is an ancient fortress just east of the City, on the north bank of the Thames.  It covers about 13 acres (5.3 hectares). Now used mainly as a museum, it was a royal residence in the Middle Ages. Later it was a jail for illustrious prisoners.













Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, is one of the city’s most vibrant open spaces. Rich in history, the square is home to Nelson’s Column, a monument commemorating Britain's most celebrated naval hero.


Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column at night
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTrafalgar Square and Nelson's Column at night - Credit: Andreas Tille


Piccadilly Circus is a popular meeting place, and major intersection, watched over by the statue of Eros, Greek god of love.  Traffic, noise and the large neon advertisements characterise this commercial hive of activity.


Piccadilly Circus Panoramic View
GNU Free Documentation LicensePiccadilly Circus Panoramic View - Credit: David Iliff