"and chances to meet famous people in the field of our desire"
J.D. Salinger's 'Catcher in the Rye'
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJ.D. Salinger's 'Catcher in the Rye' - Credit: Laura Crossett, Flickr

In a letter to her mother* (dated May 13, 1953) Sylvia Plath lists those writers whom she would like to 'interview and be photographed with' during the period of her guest editorship. In her own words, they  are 'J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye and tremendous stories); Shirley "The Lottery" Jackson; E.B. White of New Yorker fame; and Irwin Shaw.' After listing them, she goes on to say that she hopes 'one of those luminaries' would consent to be seen with her.

In the event, her hopes to meet these particular authors were not realised. However, she was able to meet the authors Santha Rama Rau and  Vance Bourjaily. She was also able to interview the novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Bowen.

*Sylvia Plath Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-63, Ed. Aurelia Schober Plath (Faber, 1977) p.114.