"This hotel - the Amazon - was for women only "
Barbizon Hotel for Women, NYC
GNU Free Documentation LicenseBarbizon Hotel for Women, NYC - Credit: Dmadeo, Wikimedia Commons

The Amazon is the fictionalised version of the women-only Barbizon Hotel, situated on Lexington Avenue on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where Sylvia Plath and her fellow guest editors stayed in June 1953.

Opened in 1927, it was designed as a 'safe haven' for well-to-do women working in New York.

The Barbizon was converted into the Melrose Hotel in 2002, and to condominium appartments in 2005. It is now known as Barbizon/63

Readers may, of course, read what they will into Plath's choice of fictional name for the hotel: the Amazons feature in Greek and Classical mythology as a nation of all-female warriors!