"working for the chapter head of some fraternity, like the Masons, you know, but not the Masons"
Freemason's Hall, London (United Grand Lodge of England)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFreemason's Hall, London (United Grand Lodge of England) - Credit: David Hawgood, Wikimedia Commons

The word fraternity strictly means brotherhood, but is also the name given to organisations whose male members subscribe to a particular set of beliefs and practices (as in the college fraternities discussed earlier).

There are numerous fraternities in the United States, and they are an important aspect of its cultural life. Local branches are often known as chapters, and their meeting places as chapter houses.

The Masons (or Freemasons) are a worldwide organisation with just under 2 million members in the U.S.A.. Their local branches are known as 'Lodges', and their administrative centres as 'Grand Lodges'.