"freedom from the Florence Crittenden Homes"
Mother and Child - a Bronze by David Wretling (1958)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMother and Child - a Bronze by David Wretling (1958) - Credit: Mikael Lindmark, Wikimedia Commons

The Florence Crittenton Homes (not Crittenden) were set up under the auspices of the National Florence Crittenton Mission which was founded by Charles N. Crittenton in 1883. 

The object of the venture was to help young women who were experiencing difficulties (particularly unmarried mothers and those involved in prostitution), and at its height, the organisation was responsible for 76 homes throughout the United States.

Although the structure of the organisation has changed considerably over the years, a body called The National Crittenton Foundation continues to oversee programs designed to help young women develop their potential and live fuller lives.