"That lovely, sad, sea-siren of a place!"

The Sirens were a group of half-bird, half-human women in Ancient Greek mythology.  They were highly dangerous, using their beautiful music to lure sailors to death on the rocks they stood on.  They famously appear in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, when Odysseus asks his crew to tie him to the ship’s mast so he might hear the Siren’s song and survive.  In the ‘Argonautica’, Jason’s voyage is rescued from harm when Orpheus plays his own lyre simultaneously, muting the deadly music coming from the rocks nearby.  In most myths, it was said that the Sirens would perish once someone had heard their music and survived.  Over time, there has been some overlapping in depictions of the Sirens and that of mermaids; for example, the French word for mermaid is ‘sirène’.