"The Adventures of Eulalie at the Harem of the Grand Turk had been printed, according to the flyleaf, in Amsterdam in 1748, a collector's piece"

This title, along with ‘Immolation of the Wives of the Sultan’, is invented by Carter.  They do however recall the well known (in some circles) 1828 erotic novel ‘The Lustful Turk, or Lascivious Scenes from a Harem’.  This oh-so charming story had quite an influence on later pornographic material, in that its naive, virginal heroine is raped and then decides she enjoys it.  Its setting abroad, in what was then considered ‘Oriental’, is also very much of its time, as it projects deviant and violent behaviour coming from foreigners.  A later story with similar themes was ‘A Night in a Moorish Harem’, (1900), which tells the tale of a shipwrecked sailor facing the bewildering luck of finding himself stranded in a harem with nine women.  Putting modern sensibilities to one side, these books can be unintentionally amusing; here is an excerpt where our sailor describes a particularly tiring evening when “If the intrigue had been pursued it would have ruined her reputation and my health”. 

Eulalie is an unusual name.  Carter would have been familar with it from this poem by Poe, and this fairy tale.