"a sorbet of muscat grapes and Asti spumante"

Muscat Grapes
Creative Commons AttributionMuscat Grapes - Credit: KetaiBlogger
 Muscat grapes are the oldest variety of grape used in the world.  Their colour can vary from white to black and they are grown in dozens of countries; this means they are used in a huge variety of wines and desserts, as well as being dried into raisins.  They are also known for making the South American liqueur, Pisco

Sorbet is prepared by freezing a mixture of water and fruit, sometimes with a generous dash of alcohol.  Asti Spumante is ideal for this, as it is a sweet, sparkling dessert wine.  It is Italian in origin, and a popular variety is sold under the Martini brand.  The quality of the wine has been said to decline in recent years due to EU regulations, but it would certainly have been at its best at the time our story is set. 

Here is a recipe for muscat grape sorbet.