"He pressed me to his vicuña breast"

GNU Free Documentation LicenseVicuna - Credit: Magalhães
 Vicuña are camelid animals from the Andes in South America.  Their coats are highly valued for their use in clothing; rarer and more expensive than cashmere, the wool is prized for its ability to provide great warmth.  It is also exceptionally soft and fine, at an average of 12 microcons.  The animal can only be shorn every three years, which adds to its exclusivity.  They are most populous in Peru, and appear in the country's coat of arms. 

Fittingly, there is an Inca folktale about the vicuña.  The animal was said to be the reincarnation of a beautiful young girl who was pursued by an aged, ugly king.  She told him she would only allow his advances if he gave her a coat made of gold...and so he did.   The animal was sacred to the Incas, and it was forbidden to kill them.

Whether you are exceptionally wealthy, or just fancy a jaw dropping experience, here are some retailers selling vicuña garments.  US$2,000 for a shawl anyone?

J.H. Cutler

Esgyrn Guanaco

Peruvian Connection 

There was once a nice scandel involving a vicuña coat, which you can read about here.