"I remembered her pretty, witty face, and her name - Carmilla"

Vampire aficionados will associate the name Carmilla with the novella of the same name, written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu in 1872.  Carmilla is a beautiful female vampire who preys on young women; the story greatly influenced Bram Stoker when he wrote 'Dracula'.  The fact that she chooses female victims began the tradition of lesbian vampires, famously and amusingly epitomised by the marvellous Ingrid Pitt in Hammer Horror's 'The Vampire Lovers' (1970), and as recently as 2009 in the woeful 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'.  From a less exploitative point of view, the use of homosexuality in genre fiction such as this allowed certain themes to be explored long before it became permitted in mainstream literary works. 



Carmilla by LeFanu