"The secret of Pandora's box"

 Pandora is a figure from Greek mythology.  She was said to be the first mortal woman on earth, and was blessed with gifts such as beauty and musical ability by the gods.  The box she possessed was in reality more of a jar, and it was said to contain all the evils of the world, such as poverty, disease, misery, grief and death.  She was never to open it, under any circumstances.  Curiosity, however, led her to do so, and thus eveil escaped.  Upset and afraid, Pandora waited for Zeus to punish her, but instead, she heard a voice call her from the jar.  It implored her to open the jar a second time; she did so, and out flew Hope, to soothe mankind.  It is rather fascinating to compare this myth to that of Eve and the forbidden fruit.  Pandora is allowed to correct her error, in a wonderful way, but Eve is degraded and banished...why?