"his hands shake as he deals the Devil's picture books"

Playing Cards
GNU Free Documentation LicensePlaying Cards - Credit: Benutzer:Ranostaj
This phrase was coined by those fun loving Puritans, who were opposed to Playing Cards and even declared them illegal.  Some early card decks resembled Tarot cards more than the modern decks we use today; although their association with the occult did not evolve until the late 18th Century, they were still perceived as immoral.  Much of this was due to their use in gambling, although some believed that the figures depicted on the court cards had other significance.  The King was said to represent Satan and the Jack, a libertine.   The Jester was meant to be Jesus, therefore making a fool of him; the Queen his mother, Mary, but in the guise of the Mother of Harlots.

Derren Brown filmed a selection of his card tricks and named the production 'The Devil's Picturebook'.