"her bowels churning out a settecento minuet"
Performers Dancing a Minuet
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePerformers Dancing a Minuet - Credit: Felipealvarez

 'Settecento' is Italian for 'seven hundred', and is used in Italy to describe the 18th Century.  A minuet is, strictly speaking, a form of social dancing which appeared in France in the late 1700s.  It was made especially popular by Louis XIV, the Sun King, who held minuet dances at his court.  A minuet is usually composed in 3/4 time and moderately paced, although when a musician performs it without dancers, it is quicker.  Italian composers would sometimes compose minuets to reflect this, in 3/8 or 6/8 time. 

Listen to 'Minuet in G Major' by Bach.