"His eyes are quite green, as if from looking too much at the wood"

The Green Man
Creative Commons AttributionThe Green Man - Credit: Jim Kuhn
This may make readers think of the Green Man, a symbolic motif of nature which developed in various cultures and still persists today.  He is generally depicted as a face surrounded by leaves, sometimes sprouting shoots from his head, nose or mouth.  He is often carved from stone and set on the side of buildings, particularly in more rural areas.  British representations typically appear quite Pagan or Celtic; it is fascinating that his image has endured throughout so many cultural and religious shifts.  He is often associated with such characters as Herne the Hunter, Puck and the Green Knight, as well as deities such as Woden and Viridios.  He is usually thought to be benevolent, which adds to the sense of ambiguity in this story.    

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