"'Nosferatu is dead; long live Nosferatu!'"

'Nosferatu' is another word for vampire.  It is often believed to be Romanian, but in reality there is little evidence for this.  Bram Stoker used it in 'Dracula', and said later that he had discovered the term through the travel writings of Emily Gerard, who had visited Transylvania.  Various theories have been put forward for the etymological meaning of the word, but they are tenuous at best.  In any case, the word became best known as the title of the 1922 film 'Nosferatu', which was essentially an adaptation of Stoker's novel; key details had to be altered, as the book was still in copyright.  A masterpiece of German Expressionist cinema, it still stands as one of the most chilling films ever made, in no small part because of Max Schreck's extraordinary performance as the Count.