"La Papesse, La Mort, La Tour Abolie"


La Papesse, Tarot Marsella.
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLa Papesse, Tarot Marsella. - Credit: Danielrodes

These are three cards of the Major Arcana, in the Tarot.  'La Papesse' means 'The High Priestess', and is the second card in the sequence (note that they begin at zero, with 'The Fool).  Its general meaning is wisdom, intuition and serenity, and suggests a positive feminine persona - either that of the Querent or somebody in their life.  'La Mort' means 'Death', but does not traditionally correspond to the death of a person.  Instead, it represents a forced change of some kind, the end of a cycle, or an important transition.  It is the thirteenth card.  'La Tour Abolie', meaning 'The Tower', is the sixteenth card.  It stands for destruction, chaos or a major revelation.  As well as their individual meanings, the way the cards fall in a spread collectively provide the answer the Querent is seeking.  The vampire lady in the story always draws these three cards; the High Priestess could be said to represent herself, as despite the fact that she must kill to ensure her survival, she has the wisdom to know that it is wrong.  Death and The Tower also seem to show this sad circumstance, but could also herald her ultimate fate.