"like a sad Columbine who lost her way in the wood a long time ago and never reached the fair"

 Columbine is a stock character from the Italian Commedia dell'arte.  She is Pierrot's wife but the lover of Harlequin, and works as a serving maid.  Her mistress typically needs her help in winning the heart of gentlemen, which technically casts Columbine in the role of soubrette.  She is witty, saucy and flirtacious - Harlequin and Pierrot are not her only interests - but she is by far the most intelligent character in the group.  Her name means 'little dove', which indicates her coquettish nature, as she is certainly not delicate; her costume was appropiate to that of a maid, and often a little tatty, but embellishment still allowed her to express her personality.