"If you stuff a corpse with garlic, why, he only slavers at the treat: cadavre provençale"


Oh dear.  Provençal cuisine is - normally - some of the tastiest you could hope to find in the world.  With local produce of such stuff as dreams are made on, the region excels in hearty, healthy food.  Garlic is grown, as we see, and so are the herbs basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, tarragon and sage - to name only a few.  Lovely plump vegetables, wonderful olives and their oil, honey, goat's cheese, quality meat and fish...no wonder they supply so many ingredients to the rest of the country.  Unfortunate then, to have this rather grotesque image before us.  If the thought of a garlic-stuffed cadaver hasn't put you off dinner for life, below are some recipes and websites with more information on what is - normally, promise! - a foodie's paradise.

A selection of recipes.

Information on 'Beyond France'.

Easy-peasy recipe for Provençal New Potatoes.