"Wolf-Alice looked at herself in the mirror"
Mirror, mirror...
Creative Commons AttributionMirror, mirror... - Credit: Jurii

Is this meant to remind us of that other Alice and her looking glass?  At the beginning of 'Through the Looking Glass', Lewis Carroll's Alice wonders what it would be like to step through a mirror's reflection and see what lies on the other side.  She then does so.  Our Wolf-Alice has never seen a mirror, and like a kitten, assumes she has a playmate when she first sees her reflection.  She investigates behind the mirror, finds nothing, and it only gradually dawns on her that it is herself she sees looking out of it.  These two Alices are, in a way, reflections of each other - given that what a mirror truly reflects is our opposite.  Carroll's Alice explores life inside the mirror; Carter's Alice by realising that she is outside of it.