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Page 76. " the spectacle of the moon above Bergamo "
View of Bergamo
Creative Commons AttributionView of Bergamo - Credit: Marek Ślusarczyk

 Bergamo is a town in Italy, located around 25 miles northeast of Milan.  During the Renaissance, it became part of the Venetian Republic, and became part of the Austrian Empire for a time in the 19th Century.  There are two main parts of the city; the Medieval half being on higher ground.  In the 17th Century the Venetians built stone walls around the area, but some of the buildings inside date back to the 1100s.  Even modifications made to the buildings are now several hundred years old, so altogether there is a plethora of beauty for visitors to enjoy.  The lower part of the city is far more industrialiased and developed more recently. 

Aside from showing some lovely sights of the city, this video below is also delightfully Italian in its enthusiasm.