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Page 112. " his trip around the Carpathians "
Bihor County, Romania
Creative Commons AttributionBihor County, Romania - Credit: Razvan Antonescu

The Carpathian mountain range stretches across Central and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Ukraine and Serbia.  The greater portion - over half - is in Romania.  The total length of the range is 1500km, and though it generally follows an arc shape, this is not constant.  In terms of altitude, none of the peaks come close to those in the Alps, as only a few reach over 2500m.  Glaciers and constant snow cover are absent, meaning that there is a considerable amount of forest cover; consequently, the range provides the largest European habitat for bears and wolves.  The most famous road in Romania, the Transfăgărăşan, crosses through the mountains from Transylvania and Muntenia, and offers spectacular views.  The remains of Vlad the Impaler's Poenari Fortress can be visited, and at Retezat, there is a National Park with eight lakes.  As with much of Eastern Europe, tourism has increased over recent years, which is wonderful.  The Carpathians do offer a fascinating prospect; we are all familiar with the famous folklore, yet there is also the fresh air and breathtaking scenery. 


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