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Map of Germany
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMap of Germany - Credit: Lencer and NordNordWest

'The Erl-King' is set in Germany, and conceivably so are 'The Werewolf' and 'The Company of Wolves'.

It is thanks to the Brothers Grimm that Germany is so closely identified with fairy tales.  They first published 'Children's and Household Tales' in 1812, and went on to revise and reprint the book a further six times over the next 45 years, which ultimately resulted in a collection of 211 stories.  The brothers toned down some of the violence and sexuality after complaints that the tales were, in fact, not suitable for children. 

The Brothers Grimm considered themselves to be collectors of stories, and the fairy tales they wrote down often had their roots in other European countries.  The landscape of Germany, however - its forests, mountains, and castles - seemed to marry itself so well to the subject matter that the country became directly associated with the tales.  Germany also shared the same roots in folklore and superstition, in terms of the witch-hunts, belief in werewolves and vampire hysteria, which had swept through the whole of Europe over the course of several centuries.

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