The Bloody Chamber

In fin de siècle France, a teenage girl is taken by train to her new husband's castle in Brittany.  Much older and very wealthy, a veteran of multiple marriages, the Marquis both fascinates and frightens her…with good reason.

The Courtship of Mr Lyon

A loving father tries to pluck a white rose for his daughter.  A Beast is roused and demands to meet the girl.  She is bewildered by his gentle treatment of her, and on returning to London she promises to come back to him soon...

The Tiger's Bride

A feckless father loses his daughter in a game of cards.  She is obliged to go with her new guardian.  He makes certain requests of her, but does she aquiesce?  And what will his nature reveal to her about her own?


The most rambunctious of cats becomes valet to a dissolute young man.  All changes when love enters the frame, and suddenly Puss is inspired to perform his greatest and most cunning acts of service…and begets some kittens along the way.

The Erl-King

Seduced by this strange creature of the woods, a young woman finds solace when she is with him.  Yet upon realising the true nature of their relationship, will she be able to make the right sacrifice?

The Snow Child

A Count goes riding one day with his wife.  The whiteness of the snow awakens a violent desire in him; what will the Countess do?

The Lady of the House of Love

A young soldier unknowingly chances upon the reluctant descendent of vampires.  She inspires such compassion in him that he resolves to help her...but can he?

The Werewolf

Armed with her father's hunting knife, a young girl is sent off through the forest to visit Granny.  Are old ladies always harmless?

The Company of Wolves

The wolves in the forest are hungry.  As a young woman makes her hazardous but confident way to Granny's house, it is not a wolf she meets, but a man...


A young adolescent girl is found in the woods by humans when her wolf-mother is shot.  Despite their efforts, her feral nature is not easily tamed.