Page 136. " Burgermeister = mayor "

In 1934, laws were introduced to abolish independent local government. All local authorities and states were brought under the direct control of the Third Reich. Mayors were no longer elected, but were appointed either by governors, ministers or Hitler himself.

Page 145. " A few hundred miles north-west, in Stuttgart "

About 60% of the Jewish inhabitants of Stuttgart were exiled after 1939; many others, like Max, remained in hiding. In 1941, it became incredibly difficult for Jewish people to move around the country, so they were forced to flee on false papers or hide.


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Page 146. " and the man with the identity card took longer than I thought "
ID Card
GNU Free Documentation LicenseID Card - Credit: Nowis

Identity cards became compulsory throughout Germany when Hitler came to power in 1933.

A “J” on the cover identified Jewish people. Details provided to acquire an ID card gave Hitler’s government huge quantities of information which they could then exploit to manage their extermination programmes.