Page 303. " he managed to take hold of the biggest potato of the lot "

Potatoes were a staple food in Germany during the war, as they were easily grown and could be stored for months. The “Potato Masher” is also slang for a type of hand grenade used by the German Army.


Page 318. " Or some gas chambers. "
Gas Chamber at Dachau
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGas Chamber at Dachau - Credit: a4gpa/Flickr
Gas chambers were used by the Nazis for mass execution of Jewish and political prisoners in concentration camps. A sealed chamber or room was filled with poisonous gases, usually hydrogen cyanide until everyone inside was dead.



Page 318. " An abridged rollcall for 1942 "

By 1942, most of the world was at war. Air raids intensified in Britain and Germany, and Japan seemed unstoppable in their aggressive expansion across South East Asia and the Pacific. In Russia, the Battle of Stalingrad alone saw more than a million soldiers killed. Nazi leaders embarked on their programme to kill all Jews, with the Final Solution and mass slaughter of Jewish people (now known as the Holocaust).