Page 552. " Finally, in October 1945, a man with swampy eyes, feathers of hair and a clean-shaven face walked into the shop. "

May 8th, VE (Victory in Europe) Day, was the day the German Army surrendered, but Dachau concentration camp was liberated by the American Army at the end of April 1945.

Although Dachau was not an extermination camp and did not have active gas chambers, there were not many survivors of the terrible conditions, poor nutrition, disease and hard labour; from December 1944 to April 1945, over 15,000 people died there. When American troops entered the camp they found 32,000 people crammed into tiny barracks. This was a tiny percentage of the 200,000 people who were imprisoned at Dachau over its 12 year history.

In all, over 6 million Jewish people died during the war; Max was one of the lucky ones.

Page 553. " and we walked along Anzac Avenue "

Anzac Poppies
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeAnzac Poppies - Credit: Nankai
ANZAC is the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

The Sydney Anzac Memorial Club is located on Anzac Avenue in Cammeray, a northern suburb of Sydney.