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Dachau Concentration Camp
Dachau Gates
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDachau Gates - Credit: joeandkaty, Flickr

Dachau concentration camp was built in 1933, about 10 miles outside Munich.

It was the first concentration camp opened by the NSDAP. 200,000 prisoners were held in Dachau over the subsequent 12 years; about 70,000 of these were Jews. The death toll at Dachau is officially set at 25,000, although the real figure may be much higher.

Like other Nazi concentration camps, Dachau's slogan was "Arbeit Macht Frei", literally (and ironically) meaning "work makes you free".

By the time it was liberated in 1945, the camp was severely overcrowded, with 30,000 people incarcerated. Sanitary conditions were horrendous and diseases spread quickly.

The camp is now a memorial and museum.