"the Devil"

The Devil (from the Greek diávolos, meaning “slanderer”) AKA Satan, Lucifer or the Prince of Darkness (Beelzebub was a philistine god, but appears in the Bible as a Satanic synonym) is seen in many cultures and religions as a supernatural figure or entity that personifies evil.

For others, the Devil is an allegorical representation of free will and thought, wisdom, enlightenment and rebellion (indeed, some see him as the first rebel) whose image as a horned, ghastly beast bursting with a lust for hatred and darkness has been entirely constructed by modern Christianity.  

In Christianity, the Devil was a fallen angel who questioned God and was condemned to the “Lake of Fire” along with one third of the angelic host, who became his “demons”. God and the Devil are portrayed as an eternally embattled pair, the former seeking to save souls and the latter seeking to damn them.

In Islam, the Devil is known as Iblis and, similarly, was expelled after refusing to submit to the grace of God.