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Page 272. " village of Gubbio "
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGubbio - Credit: Idefix

Jon recalls a story his father once told him about St Francis taming a wolf in Gubbio.

Gubbio is an ancient town (no longer a village) situated on the lower slopes of the Apennines in Perugia, Italy. Its origins are exceptionally ancient – the hills above were occupied in the Bronze Age. Important in the development of the Umbrian peoples, it was invaded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC and its Roman theatre still survives – the second oldest on the planet.

Gubbio was exceptionally powerful in the middle ages, and the following centuries were characterised by tumult and war with surrounding Umbrian towns.

It became part of the Papal States in 1631 and was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.