Page 161. " my mother, she has ears like a goddam bloodhound "

Bloodhounds are known more for their noses than their ears, although apparently the ears help concentrate the scent toward the nose.  

Page 165. " It stinks, but I'm Benedict Arnold. I have practically the biggest part "

 Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary War general who originally fought on the American side but switched allegiance to the British. As commander of the fort at West Point, he tried but failed to hand it over to the British army.

In the U.S. his name is synonymous with the word "traitor," but Phoebe doesn't care about that - only that she has the biggest part!

Page 167. " Annapolis, for God's sake. What's D.B. know about Annapolis, for God's sake? "
US Naval Academy
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeUS Naval Academy - Credit: Brian D. Bell

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, where the U.S. Naval Academy is located.