Page 178. " She was sitting smack in the middle of the bed, outside the covers, with her legs folded like one of those Yogi guys. "
Public DomainPadmasana - Credit: Jesus Bonilla

Phoebe is sitting in the lotus pose (padmasana).






Page 184. " Mr. Antolini said that anybody that could write like D.B. had no business going out to Hollywood. "

Salinger admired F. Scott Fitzgerald, who attempted a career in Hollywood but couldn't alter his writing style to suit movie scripts.  Salinger himself also had trouble with a Hollywood adaptation of his short story "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" (renamed "My Foolish Heart").  Holden's views on Hollywood reflect Salinger's views.

Page 191. " It was written by a psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Stekel. "

Wilhelm Stekel is the second psychoanalyst and disciple of Freud that Salinger includes in The Catcher in the Rye (the other being Alfred Adler).  

That Stekel's most famous work was a book on sexual fetish, and that he died by suicide (at age 74), may be relevant to Salinger's themes.  Stekel also pioneered the idea of short-term analysis, which he called "active analysis," a precursor to contemporary counselling and therapy.  

Page 200. " So it wasn't too bad walking on Fifth Avenue. It was fairly Christmasy. "

New York City's famous Fifth Avenue Christmas windows: