Page 201. " What I'd do, I figured, I'd go down to the Holland Tunnel and bum a ride "

The Holland Tunnel goes under the Hudson River, connecting the island of Manhattan with the state of New Jersey at Jersey City.

Holland Tunnel
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHolland Tunnel - Credit: Kmf164
Page 206. " You know how the Egyptians buried their dead? "

Creative Commons AttributionMummy - Credit: Craig Hawkins




Page 211. " old Phoebe stopped and made out she was watching the sea lions getting fed "
Sea Lion Feeding Time
Creative Commons AttributionSea Lion Feeding Time - Credit: Joe Shlabotnik


Page 212. " Anyway, we kept getting closer and closer to the carrousel and you could start to hear that nutty music it always plays. It was playing 'Oh, Marie!' "

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