Page 55. " if a child doesn’t come within it, then it isn’t human, and that means it doesn’t have a soul "

The soul of an individual is believed to be the immaterial, eternal part of a human being, thought to be separable from the body.

Christians believe that when they die their soul will be judged by God and sent to spend eternity in heaven or hell, depending on their actions throughout life.

Page 58. " either the sea goes on for ever, or else it comes to an end suddenly, and you sail over the edge "

It is a modern misconception that most people in the middle ages thought the Earth was flat. In fact, this view was essentially dead among the educated by the 14th century; most believed the view of the Ancient Greeks, who realized in the 4th century BC that the Earth was spherical.

Page 62. " and there’s another where they all have white hair and pink eyes "

Animals and people with albinism have little or no pigment present in their eyes, skin and hair. They have white hair and pale, but not necessarily red, eyes. It is a recessive genetic condition, requiring inheritance of the albinism variant from both parents.

People with albinism have difficulty in the sun as their skin and eyes are very sensitive.