Very mutated area, likely the closest place to the original nuclear disaster
Blasphemy, offence, deviation
Some form of plant, animal, or human mutation
Anti-deviation, post-Tribulation version of the Ten Commandments
Area with relatively high mutation rate where all human mutants are exiled to after being sterilized
Fringes people
People, usually mutants, who live in the Fringes
Approved mutant giant horses, approximately 26 hands high
Port on the west coast of the island of Newf where sailors can get provisions
New People
Telepathic people who live in Zealand or Sealand
Nicholson’s Repentances
Post-Tribulation publication suggesting all mutations are evil
Old Maggie and Hairy Jack
Childhood fairytale villains based on female/male Fringes characters
Old People
People who lived before Tribulation
Main city in post-Tribulation Labrador
Scheduled deviation
Official mutation
The Inspector
Local government official who certifies plants/animals/people as official deviations
Thinking together
Telepathic multi-person conversation
Thought shapes/pictures/patterns
Way of communicating telepathically
Disaster that caused mass destruction on Earth, likely nuclear in origin
Farm/area where David and his family live
West Woods
Woods near Waknuk where Petra and her pony are ambushed
Wild Country
Area between Waknuk region and Fringes, where the mutation rate begins to go up
Zealand or Sealand
Country far from Labrador almost unaffected by mutation where almost everyone is telepathic