Page 233. " giving his To Be or Not to Be soliloquy. "

The soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet can be read here

Listen on Spotify: To be or not to be performed by Sir John Gielgud

Interpretations of this speech place the focus on life versus death or action versus inaction. Parallels have been drawn between Hamlet and existentialism. Kierkegaard maintained that an individual is responsible for giving their own life meaning. In part, this is the journey Celie must undertake, to raise herself above her circumstances and to attain meaning and freedom.

Page 238. " Miss Eleanor was shoving Reynolds Stanley Earl in her face. "

Sophia turns away when this happens not just because the baby looks like Eleanor's father, the man who originally enslaved her, but also because the baby is the third generation of the Major's family. Before the abolition of slavery, old slave laws declared that slaves were not able to acquit themselves until the third generation had died.

Page 243. " a little mud looking house like they have out here, call adobe "

Adobe houses, also known as Pueblos, are Native American buildings used by the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest. They are made from clay and staw baked into bricks.